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Korean Peacock with 'Taekwondo' in Korean

Pai's Academy

Welcome to Pai's Taekwondo where we specialize in fitness, fun and self-defense. Our professional staff of Black Belt Instructors along with their assistants are here to guide you toward greater self-discipline and confidence as you improve your flexibility, balance and overall coordination. Our program gradually helps you to achieve improved fitness while learning self-defense.

It is a fun way to get in shape and stay in shape.

Build Life Skills

At Pai's Taekwondo, our students come first. Our goal is to help each and every student achieve the many benefits that martial arts has to offer. At Pai's, we are not only interested in fighting skills but also in the development of the person as a whole. These are the tools of everyday life, what you learn here, you can apply at home, at work and at school. Higher self-esteem, more confidence and better physical health are things you can use everyday and everywhere

An Ancient Art

You are going to learn an art thousands of years old. This art, combined with many of today's modern sciences, has evolved into one of the best physical and psychological training methods known.

Improve Yourself

The main goal at Pai's Academy is self-improvement. We set physical goals in Taekwondo that challenge your inner self to carry you onward to achieve the goal of self-improvement. From the very beginning of training; self-control, confidence and self-discipline are stressed as the real goals of training.

The 3 Masters

Sparring Match

Exciting Demo at the Championship